It is a long and challenging journey to develop a healthy civil society in Vietnam. LIN has significantly contributed to this progress and has built capacity for the NPOs they work with. The LIN team is doing great work, not only because of their professionalism and determination, but they love what they do and are committed to the vision they have set out. Irish Aid is pleased to partner with LIN over the past three years. We are delighted to see LIN's development from our first encounter with LIN on its Facebook site and to see the LIN Community Center today welcoming local NPOs is a wonderful achievement - Mr. Phan Dang Cuong, Embassy of Ireland

I think the impact that LIN has had for the Charity Cabaret Committee was that they made the process very simple. Since we wanted to work with grassroots organizations, we needed people who could communicate at the grassroots level. Another important contribution was that we had one point of contact, who could help us to ensure that the outcome is what we expected - Ms. Sarah Jubb, Charity Cabaret Committee
The establishment of a center like LIN with the mission to support and promote networking among organizations, donors, businesses and individuals in the community really brings a fresh breath to HCMC non-profit activities. Compared with the current old model of social work and charity, LIN really brings a whole new approach, focusing on developing the non-profit community, which I consider to be relevant to the current situation. LIN also makes a positive impact supporting NPO organizational capacity development - Mr. Pham Thanh Van, Director of Tinh Than Network
 LIN is fantastic. A vital centre of ideas, coaching and support for the non-profit community in Ho Chi Minh City -  Mr. William Taylor, Deputy Country Representative, The Asia Foundation
The LIN Community Partnership Initiative offers a unique and proven approach to building stronger community service opportunities in HCMC. Intel encourages our employees to join volunteer work because it is a part of one of our company's six core values: Great Place To Work and this aligns with our retention policy and helps to increase employee motivation and loyalty. The CPI offers a ready-made volunteer program for employees with the benefit of training nonprofit staff in communication skills, an essential ingredient in organizational sustainability.
Ms. Uyen Ho, Corporate Affairs Manager
Intel Products Vietnam Co., Ltd
Being involved really changed my perception of NGO work and I felt that I understood more about it and I was able to get people around me like my staff, my company, involved. I just became an endorser of the cause.
Ms. Nguyen Tran Hoang Anh, LIN Board Chairwoman
With the support from the LIN Center, we found the right NPO partner an experienced non-profit organization addressing environment issues, and implemented a project that meets our CSR objectives. The goal of the project we sponsored was to raise awareness of climate change issues among our company's staff and to encourage our staff to take practical steps to help local community in a most meaningful way.
Corporate philanthropist who received support via LIN Philanthropy Advisory Service
I put on workshops in several other places in Southeast Asia and none were as well attended or professionally run as this. 65 individuals representing 54 organizations came to listen to a panel of local and international experts present their experiences with using social media in Vietnam...LIN is a young organization but is already proving valuable to HCMC's non-profits!
Mr. Bill Brower, Field Program Officer
GlobalGiving Foundation
LIN's individual and collective stories were truly inspiring as we were very touched by your dedication and deep passion for [community] work. It is refreshing to meet with individuals who are making a tangible difference in the community and in people's lives on a daily basis.
Mr. Napoleon Ta, Coordinator
SEO-IIV Program
Working with... LIN was a highlight of 2010. Even as a small grant maker, we are the ones to thank you for being such a good partner. [It] takes two to make a worthwhile grant.
Ms. Patricia Norland, Public Affairs OfficerUS Consulate General in HCMC
As part of our corporate mission, we believe we serve three key stakeholders: our shareholders, our staff and the communities in which we work. As such, we have committed to giving a portion of our profits to develop the community. Our company works to strengthen Vietnamese companies by providing sound advice and capital investment. Similarly, LIN works to strengthen Vietnamese not-for-profit organizations. Both efforts are necessary to create access to opportunities and an improved quality of life in our community.
Mr. Doan Manh Kham, LIN Adviory Board memberManaging Partner, Horizon Capital Group
We are genuinely happy to be able to help LIN with the website. We've always wanted to give back to the community and this project has helped us to achieve that in some way. Since [working with] LIN, we've realized there is more we can do as a company besides donating money. We've also helped another NPO with their website, and I'm sure there will be more in the future. From the bottom of our hearts, we'd like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to be more involved...
Ms. Nguyen Tran Lan AnhViiVue Company
LIN has been a great partner, offering valuable advice for Nike's community giving strategy in Vietnam.
Ms. Vu Thanh Thuy, External Affairs ManagerNike Inc. Vietnam
LIN consultants bring a tremendous diversity of experiences but a shared passion for and commitment to the work they do.
Ms. Luo Ren, Assistant ManagerDisney Media Distribution, Asia Pacific
We really appreciate LIN's collaboration and we fully recognize the effectiveness LIN brought forward through several open discussions, cooperation and consultation. LIN does not only give professional advice but also shares with us its community experiences.
Ms. Duong Thi Kim KhanhMaersk Line Vietnam
I was happy to be with LIN in sharing professional experiences that support NPO's activities, especially in Digital Marketing which is very new in Vietnam. I hope what we shared will significantly change the action plans to be better and certainly help the NPOs to help their targets. I was a volunteer back to years in university and now, after years working, I have a chance to volunteer again. Thanks LIN for that.
Mr. Nguyen Tien Huy,Associate Digital Director at OgilvyOne, Volunteer Speaker at LIN workshop


LIN's professional approach to community development services has helped to raise the standards of NPOs in HCMC and throughout Vietnam.
Ms. Pham Kieu Oanh, Founder/DirectorCentre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP)
Since joining LIN, I have been gradually getting more experience in how to manage a social center and build relationships with other social groups and organizations. And through networking with them, my organization received a lot of support. The biggest difference LIN made for me is teaching me better management practices, especially financial management, through various seminars and trainings…. I love that LIN is ready to help the small and unskilled organizations. As such, LIN had encouraged me to start the Hoc Mon Social Center. I know that LIN is always standing by us, ready to support.

Ms. Hong To Hue LanDirector of Hoc Mon Social Center

In a way, it is LIN's existence that inspired us to change our operation from a spontaneous, student-like group to a more professional one. Though we had written a business plan for our project before approaching LIN, we learned a lot simply by filling in LIN's application form and following through on the required evaluation and reports.

Ms.Dang Thu HuongExternal Relations Officer, 5 Gio Sang

The skilled LIN volunteers who supported us were very enthusiastic. They worked proactively and explained with great patience what we did not understand. They did not only strengthen our capacity but also acted as ambassadors helping to communicate our mission to potential donors and skilled volunteers.

Mdm. Le Thi Thu ThuyThao Dan Shelter

The donation [received through LIN] was a great encouragement to us. We truly appreciate LIN Center and our partners who have supported us.

Ve Chai Nam Dinh Group(This NPO received a small grant via LIN’s Volunteer Stories Competition 2011)


Thanks to the LIN Center for holding a useful workshop, which helps nonprofit organizations to recognize what they must do to develop their organizations better."

Mrs. Tran Thi Trung Thuan, Director of Thien Tam (Shared with LIN after an NPO Strategic Planning Workshop, 2010)

Thien Chi Center sends our deep thanks to the LIN team for connecting our center with a donor opportunity and with other local NGOs. Your work provides needed support for community development... In the future, we hope LIN will continue to organize these meaningful activities.

Mr. Nguyen Van Than – Managing Director Thien Chi Center for Community Development & Support


We are infinitely grateful for your support because without you, we would have no sponsors, and without sponsors, we couldn't exist.


Ms. Leslie Wiener, Former Co-CoordinatorSMILE Group

In our society still exist lots of problems, but since becoming a LIN's skilled volunteer, I've realized that when I'm devoting myself to a project, many other people are doing the same thing somewhere else to solve other social problems.

Ms. Pham Thanh Thuy Vy, Researcher, University of Economics HCMC Volunteering her skills at DRD and CED  

Disabled people are still encountering lots of obstacles in life, the biggest of which comes from the attitude and perception of the surrounding people. Therefore, Disability Resource and Development Center (DRD)'s participation in the project of developing an English curriculum of social work in general, and of disability in specific, has given me an opportunity to make meaningful and practical contributions to raising awareness about the disabled and their roles in society. I hope this curriculum, which I have devoted myself to, will be a powerful tool for social work students to not only strengthen their major background but also build up needed language skills in order to have a better access to the world's knowledge in this field. From this, they will be more enthusiastic about their challenging yet meaningful choice of work. I'm very happy to have had a chance to work with DRD's staff members, who are friendly, enthusiastic and devoted. This project is not only an opportunity for me to do some meaningful work to the community but also a way to improve my awareness about social problems which I've neglected under pressures of life. I'm really thankful to LIN Center for this opportunity to help others and myself!
Mr. Vu Nhat TanSupporting Disability Resource and Development (DRD)
During 6 months volunteering at LIN, I felt that this was a friendly and open-minded working environment. I could see the devotion of LIN team and skilled volunteers – those who always yearn to make a difference, to raise awareness in the communities about social problems. During that time, I could also gain a better understanding of non-profits, expand my network and improve my communication skills. And above all, I knew that I was able to use my expertise to contribute to community development.
Ms. Huynh Hong Nhung, a skilled volunteer at LIN
After helping LIN with 6 Nhip Cau Tinh Nguyen newsletters, I got a clearer definition of skilled volunteerism. I also had a chance to improve my skills in journalism. The thing I liked the most while volunteering at LIN is that I could meet lots of individuals who were devoting their time and energy to create change in communities. Amid the increasing social problems nowadays, their work and stories are deeply moving, inspiring me to take part in more community projects.
Ms. Tran Thu Tham, a skilled volunteer at LIN
I have experienced a huge emotional change since volunteering at Thao Dan Shelter and Smile Group. The greatest thing I've learned is how to 'accept'. More specifically, how to accept the greetings, the invitation, the love [from the NPO staff and beneficiaries]...At first, I did not know how to deal with it, probably because I had problems expressing my feelings. But I started to get used to it, and now it is a great way for me to express myself and be closer to the kids.
Mr. Ngo Dinh Phung Vuong, volunteer website developer


Thank you LIN for helping me to donate the funds from my prize to the Rainbow Family Charity Group. The donation was used for our activities in January 2012. On behalf of Rainbow Family, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to LIN Center. Thank you for enabling Rainbow Family to build a bridge [for disadvantaged kids] towards their dreams.

Ms. Nguyen Chau Ngoc Phu, winner of Best Listener prize
LIN Volunteer Stories Competition 2011
I'm honored to sit in the Judge Panel of the Volunteer Stories competition. Yet for someone who judges other people's stories, I have learned so much from them. Each story projects the kindness, compassion and humanity. And that was what inspired me. It is not important if a story wins the competition or not. They say it's the journey, not the destination that matters. When you submitted a story, that was success, because you did the volunteering work, you helped and shared with people in need, you lived for others. That, to me, was success.
Mr. Hoang Duc Cong, Intel's financial analyst
Judge at the LIN Volunteer Stories Competition 2011
 I am really interested in the community contribution of LIN Center and I am also impressed with the LIN's networking activities helping the sustainable development of the NPOs. Thanks LIN Center for giving me an opportunity to contribute to the community.
Ms. Pham Thi Thu, LIN Volunteer
I pledged 26 hours to support the Bridge Center, an initiative group of people with disabilities under the Association of People with Disabilities in Can Tho. At first, I only planned to coordinate a group of volunteers teaching English at the Bridge Center. However, I soon found myself fully engaged in the tasks and, to my surprise, ended up contributing a total of 83 hours. I took part in the fundraising campaign of the Association, and spent a lot of time building the connection between the volunteers and the members of the Center.
Ms. Phan Uyen Nghi, participant of LIN Corporate Volunteer Challenge 2011
I have heard of LIN since its earliest days thank to a university project and have observed your activity since then. As I see it, LIN is a young but effective organization targeting a niche in philanthropy work in Vietnam. Instead of doing the work yourself, most of your effort goes into matching the right donor with the right organization. It is a new approach which I believe may increase the effectiveness of charity work in Vietnam. On the other hand, your own charity works seem to be of high quality and have certain effects on the community.
Ms. Dang Thi Thanh Van, Communication Executive
Vuot Song Shipyard