Raise your hand for education

Raise your hand for education

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From August 5th to August 15th, Narrow The Gap launched the Raise Your Hand For Education! Social Media Campaign, sponsored by Kinh Do. We received over 800 photos in only 10 days. Kinh Do is donating VND 50,000 for 500 of those photos. Thank to all the participants for raising their hands, and
thank you to Kinh Do for supporting the campaign!

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The Narrow the Gap Community Fund believes in providing opportunities for individuals and organizations to come together to help build a stronger community. Whether you wish to donate money, volunteer your time or spread awareness to friends, family and the broader community, each and every one of us can make a difference in our own special way.


10 days, 500 photos

Everytime someone posts a photo of him or herself, raising their hand for education, with two campaign hashtags (#linnarrowthegap, #kinhdo), Kinh Do Corporation will donate VND 50,000 to LIN's Narrow the Gap Community Fund.

Our target is to 500 photos. Will you help us reach our goal?

How it works:

  1. Take a photo of yourself and/or a friend, co-worker, family member raising your hand for education
  2. Post the photo on your Facebook page, using the "public" status, and including two hashtags: #linnarrowthegap #kinhdo.
  3. (Optional)

    a. Share with the world why you support this campaign.

    b. Check the fanpage Narrow The Gap to ensure that our volunteer added your picture

  4. 4. Your done and you just helped LIN to raise VND 50,000 from Kinh Do. Thank you!

The deadline to submit photos is 9PM on Friday, August 15th. Planning to attend our 23 August Community Event? You may just see a photo of yourself displayed on one of our backdrops. Click here to buy your ticket today.

One donor is tripling every single donation. Our target is to raise 300 million dong,so that we can have 1.2 billion dong for three projects that can improve access to education. Read more about top 3 projects including Your Understanding - Lightens Our Life , Desire To Intergrate  and Enhancing Education For Migrant Children.

Update information and donor to Narrow The Gap at website www.linnarrowthegap.org