Announcement about Vietnam Causes Website Upgrade

Announcement about Vietnam Causes Website Upgrade

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Recently, several upgrades to the Vietnam Causes website went into effect including new functions, layout and design changes to support nonprofits that are featured on the website and to make the website more user friendly for donors and volunteers. The changes are detailed below:

(Note: If your NPO is not yet listed on VietnamCauses, you are missing a great opportunity to raise awareness about your cause and organization. Please consider joining. You can register online or download the form here.)

1.Website link includes the name of the nonprofit organization

By popular request, the developers have changed the website address to unique NPO pages so that it includes the name of the NPO. Using LIN's page as an example:
OLD link:


2. Option to add a Video Introductionto NPO pages

The photo gallery has been upgraded to allow NPOs to upload video(s), in addition to picture(s); although there is a maximum number of five (videos and/or pictures). This gives NPOs an opportunity to tell their story through video.


3. Notice of Upcoming Events

Now, any upcoming event notification will appear on the NPO's page and the Vietnam Causes homepage. And, once you click on the event link, a pop-up window will appear on the screen, in order to make it easier to follow the information.

This change will make it easier for visitors to the website to learn about NPO events.. Additionally, from time to time, LIN will share event information on the Vietnam Causes fanpage and/or LIN's monthly E-newsletter.

4. Inform and Update about NPO project(s)
New to the website, NPOs can now share information about their current and upcoming project(s) and include hyperlinks to an official webpage so visitors can easily find up-dated information and learn how to support your project.



5. Upgrades to the Home Page

  • New and improvedsearch function
  • Featuring NPOswhose pages receive regular visits.
  • Easier to see list of news/notices
  • Guidelines to help NPOs register and update their information using the CMS. (To view the guidelines, please click here).

 LIN would like to invite NPOs not yet on the VietnamCauseswebsite to consider registering or calling LIN with any questions or concerns! If your NPO is not yet on the site or if you want to recommend an NPO to join the site, we would like to hear from you!

LIN is regularly approached by donors and skilled volunteers and we always refer them to the VietnamCauses website. We also organize activities for companies and skilled volunteers that take advantage of this website to introduce NPOs in our network. Thus, by registering forVietnam Causes, you will broaden your potential support network and raise your profile in the community.

For any questions about the upgrades, changes, registration process, or anything else, please feel free to contact LIN via phone number (+84) 8-3512-0092 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..