Leadership Circle 2015: the first meeting of 15 leaders

Leadership Circle 2015: the first meeting of 15 leaders

Written by  Tham

"Leadrship Circle 2015" program was be officially begun last Saturday morning 30,June at LIN Center for Community Development.

In the first session, 15 leaders drew not-for-profit (NPO) leadership portrait, including: responsible, teambuilding skill, vision...

Mr.Pham Thanh Nhon - Founder 5 AM Organization shared skills, experience to balance between work and life to young leaders.

In the end of the first meeting, 15 members divided into 4 groups that responsible activities during 1 year of program, such as: training/workshop, peer advisory, networking and communication.

The second meeting scheduled in the end of June, 2015 with topic " The role of NPO Leader in the new epoch".

LIN launch "Leadership Circle" program with two objectives: 

(1) Providing chance to improve capacity for NPO leaders by training, sharing, inspire and peer advisory in their work

(2) Building strong community by connecting experts in not-for-profit field to enhance skill, knowledge and relationship.

"Leadership Circle 2015" includes 6 Peer sharing meetings, 3 workshops/trainings and 3 networking with NPO Community and Corporate in Ho Chi Minh City. This program is coordinated by LIN staff, participants are young leaders from 21 to 35 years old from NPO Partners.