NPO Morning Café: Sharing fund-raising experience from 100GreenDays campaign

NPO Morning Café: Sharing fund-raising experience from 100GreenDays campaign

Written by  Tham

When many funds from external organizations are moving out of Vietnam, the issue 'how we can raise funds in our local community' gradually is of great concern for internal non-profit organizations (NPO).

That issue initiative is undertaken by LIN and shared together with 35 individuals in NPO Morning Café at LIN office on August 6.

From June to September 2015, the Narrow The Gap (NTG) Fund under LIN's coordination started to raise funds for 100GreenDays campaign to connect corporates and community to address environmental issues in HCMC and nearby provinces.

With open atmosphere in NPO Morning café, Ms. Vuong Thao Vy – the NTG Coordinator and Mrs. Dana Doan – LIN's Strategic Adviser alternately shared about how to NTG works as well as how to approach and call for corporates' action into 100GreenDays campaign.

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The idea of 100GreenDays campaign came from core volunteers fully participating NTG 2015 activities. In that plan, fund-raising team actively designed a plan to approach and convince corporate to participate 100GreenDays.

In detail, each corporate will challenge a weekly action that can protect the environment (save electricity, take care of plants...). The community will undertake that action, take a picture and post on social network.

The corporate commits to donate a maximum amount of $500 to $1000 for 100-300 pictures that is completed by community following weekly topic.

All the funds pledged during the campaign will be invested into three environmental projects of LIN's NPO partners.

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.In behalf of the supporter of NPO partner, Mr. Pham Truong Son – The Deputy Director of LIN Center shared about means that NPOs can take to participate the campaign.

He said that about 10 organizations had highly been active to take the image of their organization following LIN's weekly action and by that way, they had also promote their organization's image by attaching their logo, wearing their T-shirt or hashtag #nameoforganization in each picture.

"This is a cooperative model to get success (win-win model) for sharing and supporting LIN's fund-raising campaign. I totally believe that other NPOs also can learn about the way to raise fund in this workshop and get their own creative plan to call for donating funds", shared Mr. Son.

After the break, the participants were divided into 5 small groups to recycle newspaper, paper roll, tape roll, colorful paper, and so on and this activity encouraged recycling as well as posting pictures for NTG Fund.

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