CPI 2016: Learn to see how small we are in the world

CPI 2016: Learn to see how small we are in the world

Written by  Tham

LIN's Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) 2016 was officially launched on May 6th. The program focuses on Developing Leadership Capacity of nonprofit professionals. Fifteen leaders were initially chosen to join basic knowledge training sessions in three modules.

Ms. Le Thi Thanh Phuc – LIN's Volunteer Coordinator and Lead on the CPI project, humorously told participants that: "The more you learn from this course, the more confused you will be. That is all we aim to do." She explained that it was going to be 'positive confusion', when an individual accessed new knowledge about sustainable development. And the new knowledge would push the leaders to find out, analyze and put theories into practice to support their management.

  • The first module was organized and led by Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Tam, an independent Consultant on Organizational Capacity Development, and Mr. Le Quang Binh, Chairman of iSEE and PPWG. Participating nonprofits were encouraged to look back and re-examine what their organizations were doing and which roles they played in current social activities. This module showed how the personal prejudices of an individual impacted on the lives of vulnerable groups. Ms. Tam and Mr. Binh also explained how to make presentations more understandable for different community groups.
  • The second module (13-15/05) was based on the nine golden rules from Dale Carnegie, with the nonprofits underlining their core values and skills in working with different partners. This module was mentored by Professors Nguyen Nho Minh, Tran Minh Hao, Truong Minh Tu and Huynh Minh Nhut – all from the Dale Carnegie School in Vietnam.
  • Meanwhile, for the last module (21-22/05), Ms. Nguyen Lien Kha – Head of the Training and Development Department of VNG, concentrated on coordinating employees and developing skills for nonprofit leaders.

The three modules were designed to give participants knowledge that is essential for the next two Phases of the CPI project.

  • In Stage II, the 17 participants will participate in one-on-one discussions with skilled volunteers from the business sector. The mentoring will last 12 weeks, during which the skilled volunteers and NPO leaders will work together to identify and carefully analyze any leadership challenges facing the individuals within their NPOs.
  • During Stage III, each leader will carry out one recommendation to improve their leadership capacity with support from the skilled volunteer.

The events and activities of CPI 2016 will be continuously updated on the fanpage: Tinh Nguyen Chuyen Mon, and in the Nhip Cau newsletter.