NPO Stories Narrow The Gap Round II 2018 - Study Group Circular

NPO Stories Narrow The Gap Round II 2018 - Study Group Circular Featured

Written by  Peter Cornish

Study Group Circular - Narrow The Gap Round II 2018


Scope of Operation: Healthcare

SDGs: (3) Good Health and Well-being

Geographical location: Ho Chi Minh City

Study Group Circular project pitch works to increase insurance coverage for HIV patients being treated in outpatient clinics in Ho Chi Minh City. At present, the Center for HIV / AIDS Prevention and Control, HCMC is currently treating 29,402 people living with HIV / AIDS, including 19,583 in the city and 8,102 from provinces. Of those in HCMC, approximately 70% have health insurance cards but less than 40% use them.
At present, many patients do not fully understand the importance of health insurance benefits, nor the confidentiality of information they disclose during treatment or consultation. This has been identified as one of the reasons for not using health insurance. As a result, many patients cannot bear the cost of treatment and are thus discharged, new strains of resistant HIV virus are appearing resulting in a reduction of the quality and effectiveness of HIV/AIDS treatment with an overall increase of virus outbreaks and resulting deaths.
In the short-term, the project hopes to gain legal support so that patients can buy health insurance, as well as advising 100% of patients about the use and benefits of health insurance. Longer-term they hope to develop HIV/AIDS related health facilities.