Legal advice for nonprofits: Fundraising

Written by Son Pham

LIN Center is receiving legal questions from the nonprofit community, which are reviewed and answered by RAJAH & TANN LCT LAWYERS on a pro bono basis. On behalf of the NPO community, we send our thanks to RAJAH & TANN for their support. If you have any legal questions related to nonprofit issues in Vietnam, please feel free to send them to Mr. Truong Son at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Question 1. How can a nonprofit organization, without legal status (clubs, volunteer groups, networks, etc.), have a bank account under their organization's name?


"LIN oi, Where Are We Going?" SEO-Vietnam Summer Interns Visit 7 NPOs

Written by Truc Nguyen

30 SEO-Vietnam Interns participated in the "LIN oi, Minh Di Dau?" event to identify a nonprofit partner to support as part of their community service project this summer. SEO-Vietnam is an eight week internship and leadership program designed for high-performing Vietnamese University students studying overseas and in Vietnam. The Community Service component seeks to raise awareness about social responsibility while creating benefits for the community.

The "LIN oi, Minh Di Dau?" event introduced the SEO-Vietnam Interns to the website:, where they could search for and find out about different nonprofits operating in Vietnam. The Interns were divided into seven teams and tasked with completing a game or solving a puzzle in order to guess the NPOs they would meet with during the event.