Exo Travel joins “LIN Oi, Where Are We Going?”

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5PM, in the meeting room of EXO Travel Vietnam, about 40 employees listened attentively to the stories of their colleagues. The stories were takeaways from their visits to different nonprofit organizations in HCMC as part of the "EXO ơi, Where Are We Going?" event, designed by LIN. There were too few chairs for everyone present and, by any standard, the room was too small for all 40 people. But this did not affect their interest in the stories being shared.


Inclusive rights of people with disabilities

Written by Son Pham

Lessons Learned from an Exchange Trip to Ireland by Pham Truong Son, Director of NPO Services

Earlier this summer, Irish Aid sponsored me and several other Vietnamese government and nonprofit delegates to participate in a workshop in Galway, Ireland, which focused on the disability law and the rights of people with disabilities. I also had an opportunity to visit two nonprofits in Dublin, which support people with disabilities: WALK and ActionAid.

The workshop included the sharing of experiences among three organizations addressing the needs of people with disabilities (one organization supported people with mental disability, one supported people with down syndrome, and the third was an association of people with disabilities). The workshop offered a chance to discuss with each other about activities and services, which are relevant to people with disabilities in Ireland.