LIN - 2016 at a glance

Written by Vi Cao

2016 has winded down and fulfilled with lots of efforts and hard works and collaboration as well. LIN would love to take this chance to thank you for your love and supports to enable us to "help local people meet local needs". We would like to take this chance to share some highlights of our achievements in the previous year, which we could not achieve without you!

Every contribution counts and blooms in the garden of kindness.

This is our factsheet for 2016.


Exo Travel joins “LIN Oi, Where Are We Going?”

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5PM, in the meeting room of EXO Travel Vietnam, about 40 employees listened attentively to the stories of their colleagues. The stories were takeaways from their visits to different nonprofit organizations in HCMC as part of the "EXO ơi, Where Are We Going?" event, designed by LIN. There were too few chairs for everyone present and, by any standard, the room was too small for all 40 people. But this did not affect their interest in the stories being shared.