The Community Event - An event by volunteers

Written by Vi Cao

Narrow The Gap is called as "Community event" simply because the event was fullfilled by people in community, at LIN we call them "the bees", our precious volunteers. The volunteers have involved in grant allocation process to evaluate, screening, and strengthen the projects from A to Z. We have skilled volunteers support with copy writing for the event, planning, interior design, arrangement, camera, photography, etc.


See more photos on our volunteers appreciation here

Our "bees" come from diverse background, some of them are teachers, university lecturers, some of them are researchers, students, freelancers, but no matter what time we need, they stay with us and make things happen. Before D-Day of the event, the team stayed up very late to iron each shirt, to search for the bamboo for the stage, to carry the straw roll all the way from Long An. All the contribution is so much valuable to LIN Center, and to Narrow The Gap grantees, especially the contribution in the backstage and in silence. LIN hopes to keep this flame bright and warm to spread out. The whole Narrow The Gap 2017 has been recorded here. Join us for the coming events!


To become LIN's volunteer or send a request to match volunteer to a local organization, contact Ms. Phuong via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - our Volunteer Service Coordinator


Partnerships for a Vibrant Vietnam - KPMG Management Conference

Written by Vi Cao

In 6 - 7 October, LIN Center had a sharing session about "Partnerships for a Vibrant Vietnam" in KPMG Management Conference  with 250+ leaders or KPMG Vietnam and Cambodia. At the conference, Ms. Tran Vu Ngan Giang, LIN Center's Executive Director talked about the recent case study of corporate social responsibility (CSR), creating shared value (CSV), and other consultation services that LIN provides in order to connect corporations with nonprofits more efficiency, and impactful.

Partnerships for a Vibrant Vietnam 

The managers of KPMG also contributed their ideas to improve the quality of LIN's services in terms of making better connection between business and nonprofits.

LIN Center hopes that by understanding the work in common of business and nonprofits, and all result aims toward the community, more business will keep partnership for creating shared values as an essential part of their strategy to the future.