LIN, Where Are We Going?

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"LIN, Where Are We Going?" [also know as "LIN oi, Minh Di Dau?"] is a facilitated event by the LIN Center for Community Development, which was inspired by a common dilemma of volunteers and philanthropists around the world – How to select one cause or one organization to support among so many worthy causes and so many not-for-profit organizations?


A reflection on the LIN CPI orientation meetings

Written by Truc Nguyen

2.Orientation meeting - 4share and ThienTamHuong

 4share and Thien Tam Huong's Orientation meeting

It was nearly 7pm at Dung Dinh café on a rainy day at the beginning of June 2014. The LIN team was ready to meet with team Sexual Rights and their volunteer mentors for the orientation meeting in LIN Community Partnership Initiative (CPI). At 7pm sharp, all participants arrived and the meeting started.