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NPO Partner Criteria

LIN seeks to build strategic partnerships with local NPOs. If your NPO is interested in partnering with LIN, please download form here. Link to NPO partner form
LIN looks for partners that have the passion, capacity and commitment to achieve common goals and objectives and meet the following criteria:

  • Not for Profit: LIN seeks partners that exist solely to provide programs and services that address a social cause or address a community need. These organizations reinvest any surplus in pursuing their organizations' goals. LIN does not support for profit corporations nor individuals.
  • Location: Partner organizations must be based in or around HCMC, and also providing programs and services to residents of Vietnam.
  • Affiliations: Recipients must not be seeking funding for religious nor political purposes.
  • Non-Discrimination: Partners must demonstrate a track record of non-discrimination on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, national origin, political affiliation and religious belief.
  • Accountability: Partners will have a clear and simple decision-making and approval processes, and be ready to identify those individuals responsible for making decisions.
  • Mission: Partners will be working to improve access to services for poor, under-valued and disadvantaged groups in Vietnam and working to improve the quality of life in their community.
  • Needs Test: Partners will be able to demonstrate a clear need for support and demonstrate that its programs and activities seek to address that need.
  • Legal: Partners must operate in accordance with Vietnamese law.
  • Good Faith: Partners will be open to building a mutually beneficial relationship, based on trust, integrity and accountability.
  • High Potential: Partners will demonstrate commitment and resilience, based on the organizational history and programs, the ability to manage and retain staff, and a results-based orientation.
  • Proactive: Programs that offer a curative or preventative approach are given preference over programs offering short-term solutions.
  • Community Engagement: Partners that are open to, or actively building, relationships and strategic partnerships with a variety of local stakeholders.
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