NPO Incubator Room


To provide new NPOs with free office space and advice as they develop out their programs. Over the past decade, increasing numbers of NPOs have taken the initiative to provide social services to vulnerable populations in different parts of HCMC. Many of these organizations are small, inexperienced, and have no knowledge on the best practices for effective not for profit operations. Most have limited funding to support formal establishment and professional management.

LIN's Incubator Room seeks to strengthen the capacity of Vietnamese NPOs to improve their performance, accountability, reputation and acceptance in the broader development community.

We believe strongly that the local not-for-profit community plays an important role in tackling key socio-economic issues, however, the lack of information, networking, collaboration and resources for NPOs limits their potential to make an impact. By supporting start-ups and developing existing community organizations, LIN can make a positive impact in our community.


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