LIN staff and volunteers of NPOs can find information about effective NPO management, successful projects and the current socio-economic situation in HCMC.

Target audience

Staff and volunteers of local NPOs who want access to the latest information to increase the effectiveness of their programs.

Main activities
  • Access to educational and research materials in English and Vietnamese as many local NPO staff do not speak English. We receive materials from colleagues and supporters, and develop our own materials in the course of our work supporting local NPOs.
  • Surveys and research from HCMC NPOs, volunteers, individual and corporate philanthropists who monitor trends in the city's socio-economic development. LIN's research includes philanthropy trends in HCMC, motivations and challenges of volunteers, access to justice for the disadvantaged groups, fundraising and registration for NPOs in Vietnam and regular surveys of training needs of local NPOs. Results of all the research and surveys are published on our website, and the results summary is published in LIN's monthly newsletter Nhip Cau.

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