About LIN

Who we are

LIN Center for Community Development is a Vietnamese nonprofit organization founded in 2009 under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association, to strengthen and connect local nonprofits organizations (NPOs), skilled volunteers, and donors to engage in strategic and sustainable development in Vietnam.



We envision local communities leveraging local resources to lead the effort in building a sustainable future of Vietnam.


We strengthen the community philanthropy ecosystem by advocating, connecting and providing resources for local nonprofit organizations, donors, and volunteers to contribute towards sustainable development in Vietnam.

  • EQUITY - We believe all lives have equal value and deserve equal access to opportunities.
  • RESPONSIBILITY - We believe all segments of the community share a responsibility to contribute resources toward improving our collective quality of life.
  • TRUST - We believe that trust is a key element for partnerships to successfully achieve common goals.
  • EMPOWERMENT - We believe the community has the ability to build a peaceful and vibrant society.
  • INNOVATION - We believe in innovative strategies that empower the community philanthropy ecosystem to develop long-term solutions for social good.