Niem Tin Organization


Niem Tin Organization

Location: HCMC

Grant amount proposed

34.150.000 VNĐ

To pay medical protective equipment, office equipment, and Internet fees for teaching and learning activities. To pay for electricity and water bills, and nutritional rehabilitation fees for children with communication disorders, whose parents’ source of income is affected or lost during the pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City.


1. To pay for nutritional rehabilitation for children with communication disorders post-pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City.
2. To buy stationery (printer ink, paper, pens, notebooks, etc)
3. To buy equipment (anti-drop glasses for teachers and students, hand sanitizer, gloves, hand soap, etc
4. To buy teaching materials (illustrations, teaching books, word cards, sentence cards, math teaching tools/jigsaws, etc)
5. To pay water and electricity bills
6. To pay Internet fee in the school year 2021-2022
7. To buy a Canon Pixma G2010 multifunction color inkjet printer.


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