Coaching & Mentoring for Female Nonprofit Professionals in HCMC

The training model should be applicable to employees of nonprofit organizations. Here are some questions you can use to solve problems. This is some of the content that was discussed within the framework of the training program, which took place
the 9th and 10th of May, at LIN Center for Community Development.

With expert coaching guidance from Lương Ngọc Tiên, 10 female staff from NPOs spent two days in training. On the first day, the students joined together to learn about the value of training, coaching skills, determining the distance and goal aspirations for each individual. On the second day, the training session helped everyone to clearly understand the training model and included a lively practice session on dialogue coaching development.

“The program offers two training sessions that are systematic and elaborate. The speaker had a great passion for the subject, and was very patient with the students. After the course, one of the students stated,”I had a better understanding of individual issues and I also learned new ways of thinking and working with others to get a positive worthwhile relationship.”

The program: “Women’s Empowerment for NPO staff” began in April 2014 in partnership with LIN. It was attended by 14 female NPO employees and included 17 female expert instructors working in the private sector. The program takes place over a 6 month period in which every female NPO employee will receive guidance on personal development, how to achieve balance in their work and private life, and how to become more efficient in implementing their mission in the community.

After this training session, the female NPO employees agreed to gather together once a month with coaching expert Lương Ngọc Tiên, to discuss diverse topics related to personal and vocational development.

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