Community Partnership Initiative 2014 

 Community Partnership Initiative 2014

 Improving nonprofits’ financial sustainability


Many local not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) in Ho Chi Minh City are working to address real challenges and provide support services to marginalized groups. In the past, many NPOs relied on foreign aid. However, when Vietnam was classified as a middle-income country in 2010, foreign donors have begun to divert their funds to less developed countries. As a result, local NPOs must learn how to attract support from within their own communities.

This will require effective planning, communication and donor stewardship. While NPOs possess the passion and drive to solve social problems, they lack financial resources and the experience of cooperating across sectors.

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Meet The Teams

Please click team’s photo to view profile:

1.Ceporer Hoc Mon - Circle       2.Change - Rainbow       3.Happier - 5 nang tien

4.ICS - MASH       5.Nhan Ai - Rio       6.Nu Cuoi - BMC

7.Open - VNG       8.Thao Dan - 4Plus       9.Thien Tam Huong - 4 share








Meet and Greet event (23 May)

NPOs and volunteer teams will be invited to a Meet and Greet event, where they get to know each other and select partner.


“Action & Learning” Sessions with HSBC

Between 14 and 28 June, 5 NPOs join one-on-one “Action & Learning” sessions held by HSBC in order to enhance their problem-solving capacity.


Mentorship program (1 June – 20 September)

 Orientation: In the first 2 weeks, LIN will facilitate an orientation meeting for each team, during which they will set their goals for the competition.

Mentorship: During the next 4 months, each team will work on their agreed schedule. Over the course of this partnership, the volunteers will help the NPOs to build their capacity by following a list of tasks set by LIN including:

  • 1 fundraising strategy
  • Completing a list of past, present and potential donors
  • A donor stewardship plan (donor thank you letter, donor appreciation ideas)
  • 3 feasible fundraising ideas for the NPO
  • 1 Income generation activity that realises one of the three fundraising ideas



A judge panel will evaluate each team based on:

  • The deliverables list
  • The quality and creativity of their implemented fundraising activities

Award Ceremony (17 Oct)

All participants will be invited to an award ceremony in October 2014, where the winner will be announced.


Get Involved


Who should participate?

1. NPOs

Overview of NPOs that signed up for CPI 2014

2. Teams of company staff or individuals with these skill sets are encouraged to participate:


You can add real value to the nonprofit sector while capitalizing on this opportunity to connect with peers and nonprofits, expand your networks and enhance your leadership and communication skills.

Join the movement!

Are you ready to get onboard for this exciting project?  It’s easy with these three steps:



>>>View more: Mentor Job Description

For better understanding CPI 2014, please take a look at the video below 


Mutual benefits

Mutual benefits

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