COVID-19 RESPONSE ACTIVITIES – By Nonprofit and Social organization & enterprises during the difficult time of pandemic in 2021

The devastating impacts of Covid-19 combined with lockdown effects in Ho Chi Minh city in 2021 led LIN to urgently devise an online campaign titled “Emergency Response to Covid-19 – Supporting communities”. Launched from July to October 2021, the campaign was aimed at spreading verified information of NPOs and informal volunteering groups who worked to deliver necessities to affected communities on social media to help them mobilize resources.

To capture the outcomes of response activities by mainly nonprofit organizations and informal voluntary groups, LIN conducted a follow-up survey with 63 organizations and groups participating in the campaign. Although survey findings rather reflect a part of the tremendous efforts by the nonprofit sector in support of larger emergency response campaigns by the government, they help quantify the support of nonprofits and informal groups, contributing some concrete evidence to the important role of this sector in addressing social issues and pressing needs of the people affected by Covid-19.

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