Cross-Sector Partnership Workshop “Transformation of Community Development in Vietnam

On 21 November, LIN organized our Cross-Sector Partnership Workshop “Transformation of Community Development in Vietnam”.

The event welcomed more than 60 attendees who are leaders from business, nonprofit and media organizations. The success of the event exceeded our expectations and once again confirmed our strong belief in the importance of each individual’s role in creating long lasting impact in our communities – socially, economically and environmentally.

The sharing session received a lot of attention and interaction from the attendees, especially the in-depth exchange with each speaker, which was positively received by all.

From the workshop, SAITEX has reached out to Hear Us Now, as SAITEX has just hired new deaf employees and it would be wonderful if they could give them the opportunity to learn language, writing and IT skills to grow in the company. It seemed like Hear Us Now (a nonprofit partner of LIN) is the right organisation to support the project, maybe even just with online material.

Testimonies from Riho and Virginia from Saitex, who spoke and participated at the Workshop:

“I was incredibly impressed by how engaged the entire room was. There were so many questions and interaction throughout the workshop, and it was great to see both businesses and nonprofits bringing ideas and challenges to the table. Collaboration is the best way to maximize impact, and I think events like this will really help to bridge the gap and inspire everyone to keep pushing forward. As always, LIN gathers wonderful like-minded people, and I am very grateful for all of the new acquaintances made at the event.”

Tsuji Riho, Social Impact Manager at Saitex

“I appreciated the workshop a lot, I was not aware of many organizations that shared beautiful success stories, and it was great to connect with people from the audience coming from all sorts of backgrounds. However, what I liked the most wasn’t only the time at Kafnu, but also the sense of motivation that one has after hearing how hard other people are working, to collectively create change. I left refreshed and with special energy coming from all those impressive examples. Thanks to the workshop we have made some connections that will hopefully help us maximize our impact, and I am sure that this is the case for many others, showing perfectly the role of LIN.”

Virginia Rollando, Sustainability Project Manager at Saitex

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