Cross-Sector Partnerships

By facilitating trust-based partnerships, we bring all sectors together to collaborate and support each other for social impacts

Annual Cross-sector Conference

LIN’s Annual Cross-Sector Conference is a unique platform to develop our understanding of sustainable community development and to strategically partner in solving social and environmental issues, to create impact for a more resilient community in Vietnam.

Narrow The Gap

Aims to connect local resources to support local nonprofit organizations that are tackling the most pressing problems. By engaging people with a shared vision, by pooling available resources and by investing together in projects that address local needs, a Community Fund helps make it easier and more rewarding for people to become more strategic with their giving.

Covid19 Response Community Fund

By conducting crowd-funding, connecting NPOs and Volunteers as well as sharing experiences of responding to Covid 19, we provide Financial and Non-financial support to local organizations in need to continue their commitments with the communities