NPO Services

We build a networked nonprofit community that helps strengthen the capacity of local individuals and organizations to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

Impact Accelerator

The program nurtures community leaders so NPOs can better contribute to quality of life in local community.

Nonprofit Management Capacity Strengthening

An incubation program, integral to other LIN-provided core programs/services to support young nonprofits at different developmental stages of their startup journey to upgrade and to mature.


Peer Advisory

LIN provides one-on-one consultations with staff of local NPOs on capacity development issues to share our experience and best practice with local NPO partners and learn their challenges. Consultations are tailored to help NPOs with specific organizational issues.


Home For Nonprofits

A dedicated space for new or small NPOs inside our LIN Center to use as their office. The co-working space provides free of charge basic working conditions, including Wi-Fi, electricity, water, toilet, parking area, and a printer.