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LIN provides a variety of services to our donors to get them involve in community works


One-on-one Consultations

LIN provides pro bono consultations in person, via email and telephone to donors and philanthropic organizations. Consultations are intended to orient, provide information and direct clients to available tools, contacts and resources that can strengthen their giving activities.

Project-Based Engagements

LIN is committed to helping donors design and implement thoughtful, effective philanthropy in Vietnam. Our team is available to help you shape your giving strategy, learn more about issues facing your community or simply become more familiar with effective local NPOs.

Vietnam Causes

A portal designed to help people in HCMC directly address local needs. Vietnam Causes seeks to link the philanthropic community directly with NPOs they may wish to support.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Do you work with multiple grantees or need to make multiple payments, over time? Do your grantees lack a bank account? LIN can help you manage the allocation process, maintaining clear records and supervision along the way.

Connect With Local NPOs

LIN helps individual and corporate philanthropists that want to serve the communities where they live and work and offers consultations with prospective donors and due diligence on local NPOs.

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Annual Cross-Sector Conference

Listen. Inspire. Nurture.

LIN enhances capacity of local NPOs, volunteer and donor

For NPOs

LIN enhances skills & knowledge about nonprofit management, nurtures a community leadership mindset, and supports community leaders to establish core values to guide them in decision making.

For Volunteers

LIN helps to match volunteers with a range of professional skills who want to help build the capacity of local nonprofit organizations.

For Donnors

LIN helps donor that want to engage in strategic philanthropy.