LIN Center for community development will close of operation from 01.01.2023

Dear friends of LIN,

It is hard to put a stop to a journey where you’re on track to a vision larger than yourself. After months of wrapping up the final tasks, the most dreaded moment of sitting down to write a farewell letter to LIN’s friends and partners has finally come. 

With sadness, we would like to inform you that the LIN Center for Community Development will be officially closed down beginning 01/01/2023. Over the 13 years of our service for the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, contributing toward the sustainable development in the country, we realize the achievements LIN has made deserve to be highlighted, and there is no better opportunity to recount and celebrate LIN’s most major accomplishments than now when we approach the final days of the organization. 

  • A network of some 400 NPOs working in various sectors built as a result of NPO Partnership program, and interacting as dynamically with each other as never before to address our society’s most challenging issues such as health, education or climate change; 
  • 153 young and full-of-potential community leaders, through NPO capacity building services including Impact Accelerator, obtaining essential knowledge and skills to improve governance and management of their social startups; 
  • 400+ of international and domestic corporates and other hundreds of individuals from the private sector through LIN’s Individual & Corporate Philanthropy Advisory, becoming far better aware, partnering up with LIN, of the local efforts of hundreds of NPOs and ultimately contributing in the most pragmatic ways to such efforts; 
  • Through Narrow the Gap and Covid-19 Response Community Fund, 176 nonprofit projects gaining higher access to resources to implement hundreds of innovative and promising initiatives for 106,725+ beneficiaries on the ground;
  • 1,731 fruitful connections and partnerships established between nonprofits and corporates/ individuals with trust, and social impacts fundamentally at the base of their partnerships;
  • General awareness level of philanthropic activities and sustainable development through the works of NPOs much better spread via multiple online and offline platforms such as our pioneering model of NPO Online Forum and the Cross-sector partnership Conference – a unique platform that brings people of diverse backgrounds together for social impacts and has the potential to be carried forward by our trusted partners. In over a decade, there have been roughly 40+ networking events, large and small, organized for approximately 2,000+ participants discussing the above mentioned issues. Meanwhile, the online NPO Forum has gathered more than 60,000 members – becoming the largest online NGO/ NPO forum in Vietnam for social impacts and sustainability. Finally, the Cross-sector Partnership Conference, having been implemented for 5 consecutive years increasingly becomes the go-to platform of 1,200+ corporates for cross-sector partnership for social impacts.

It is impossible for LIN to deliver such results without the participation and contribution of our partners along the 13-year long journey. From local NPOs, companies, individual philanthropists to the media and university institutions, each of these very important stakeholders together with LIN constitute positive impacts to strengthening the community philanthropy ecosystem in Vietnam. Once again, we are thankful for the partnerships with you, and would like to honor your contribution to all accomplishments LIN has obtained over the course of 13 years. 

For LIN, it’s been an amazing journey, but as it is said all good things must come to an end. If each of us sees the mission for philanthropy, nonprofit and the thriving of vulnerable communities as a big book of sustainable development, we know that LIN serves as only a chapter in it. A chapter has closed, new ones arrive. As one of the first local NPOs championing the philanthropy ecosystem in southern Vietnam, we are far from losing our hope for the mission to be continued someday and in some way. Friends of LIN, allow us to relay this hope to you all as a way to say farewell today! 

With gratitude,

On behalf of all LIN staffs and Board of Directors,

Lam Ngoc Thao 

You can have a look on LIN’s activities & achievements throughout the years from our Annual reports HERE.

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