LIN is looking for the new Impact Accelerator 2022: Are you ready to “Enhance your strength, empower change”?

Impact Accelerator 2022 with the key message: 

“Enhance your strength – Empower change”

Ideas are like seeds. Just as seeds need soil to grow and thrive, ideas need nourishment and support from the right and necessary resources. The annual Impact Accelerator program is LIN’s way of accompanying individuals on their journey to incubating ideas while providing an opportunity to expand their network with people with common interest and experienced mentors. 

What is Impact Accelerator?

If you are still a novice in the Non-Profit sector and grasp an idea for a social project, yet have no clear direction to commence or feel the urgent need to hone your skills and knowledge in project management,  then Impact Accelerator is the answer you seek.

If Narrow the Gap Community Fund is for supporting Non-Profit groups/organizations, the Impact Accelerator is directed toward individuals working in the Non-Profit sector. With this difference, LIN hopes to accompany individuals in cultivating capacity, knowledge, and expanding network of connections so that they can confidently deploy ideas for community projects.

We understand that community activities always have specific barriers and difficulties. Therefore, Impact Accelerator is our way to stand side by side with individuals on the journey to bring better benefits to the community and develop a better society.

Key message & Training Contents of Impact Accelerator 2022

This year, with the message: “Enhance your strength, empower change”, Impact Accelerator maintains its purpose of promoting the proactiveness and cooperation of individuals and non-profit organizations to develop and implement sustainable solutions to problems in the community.

A unique feature of Impact Accelerator is the training content on 3H topics: Head (perception), Hand (Action), Heart (emotion). The balance among Head – Hand – Heart allows you to dive into the characteristics of the community to meet their real needs, deliver effectiveness to the activities and initially build a network of potential relationships for the project development. 

In addition to providing skills, knowledge, and network building, the Incubation Fund worth up to 20,000,000 VND will be awarded to 5 individuals who have achieved the highest results in the whole course to support the most potential participants to implement the project ideas.

The training content 3H 

You don’t have to look any further for companionship! Our Impact Accelerator 2022 awaits your ideas with invaluable resources! Register now to join the Impact Accelerator 2022 with LIN to enhance your strength and develop practical project ideas for the community!

Program information:

Registration deadline: 5/5/2022

Program Manual:

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