“As the year 2021 rolled out with the pandemic continuing to take its toll on macro socio-economic conditions, we, as a society, had to bravely embrace the uncertainties at global scales. As a result, growth of any business and organizations isn’t always linear, especially for impact-driven ones. To get to where we want, we have to be resilient and consistent with what we have committed ourselves to. Stay the course – This motto might depict at best the experience of LIN in over 12 years of pursuing a dynamic community philanthropy ecosystem despite the odds.

With 2022 potentially continuing to be unpredictable, we will be realistic and keep our expectations modest. Perhaps, we will see challenges on multiple levels and on extended fronts. So, we must be flexible to adapt to new conditions in order to uphold our mission, contributing to sustainable development in Vietnam as a change facilitator, even if that could lead us to a decisive moment to transform for growth.” (Quoted from message of LIN’s Executive Director – Ms. Lam Ngoc Thao)

Looking back on the past year, we would like to announce our Annual Report 2021.

We would like to thank the attention and companionship of our partners as well as the community over the past time. We hope to keep receiving your attention and support on our upcoming activities this year.

Please read the full message of Executive Director – Ms. Lam Ngoc Thao and LIN’s 2021 Annual Report down below.

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