Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2020 from LIN!

Greetings and happy holidays from LIN! 

As the festive season comes closer, marking the end of 2020, we would like to take the time to reflect on what’s happened in the past year and look toward what’s ahead. Like many other organizations, LIN experienced an uncertain year. Yet, beyond the uncertainties, we had the opportunity to adapt and explore on the boundaries outside our comfort zones. We learnt better that we can be resilient in the face of such a catastrophe as Covid-19 pandemic when we were forced to think out of the box for new ways to reach goals and boldly apply innovations with little time for testing and hesitation.

For many of us it was a break-or-make moment.

In hindsight, 2020 gave the LIN team some time to review our programs, and to ask fundamental questions to ensure we do not deviate from our intention of building a dynamic community philanthropy ecosystem in Vietnam. We are grateful to our stakeholders and partners who contribute to LIN with their opinions and suggestions for our improvement. A multitude of lessons were drawn and will surely be integrated into the design of LIN’s programs and services in 2021.

With that said, let us look forward to something new and better from LIN, and allow us to wrap up this year by sending you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a good wish for health, happiness, and luck for 2021!

Ms. Lam Ngoc Thao – Executive Director


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