Narrow The Gap Program


“It is a worrying fact that economic development often accompanies social classification. The living conditions of vulnerable groups have not improved, but worsened instead. To help them, not only do we give them our hands for a moment, but we have to organize as well, aiding them along in the process of social inclusion.”

  • Professor NGO BAO CHAU
  • Head, Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics Professor, Mathematics Department, University of Chicago
  • Ambassador of Narrow The Gap Community Fund 2014



Charity is important and provides critical support to people in difficult situations. However, solving problems and preventing escalation of existing issues requires collaboration and planned philanthropy. By coming together and leveraging local resources we will be better able to tackle the root causes of social problems and thereby improve the communities in which we live and work.


LIN’s Narrow the Gap Fund brings local resources together to support local nonprofit organizations that are tackling the most pressing problems in Ho Chi Minh City. By engaging people with a shared vision, by pooling available resources and by investing together in projects that address local needs, a Community Fund helps make it easier and more rewarding for people to become more strategic with their giving.

Who Benefits?

The ultimate beneficiaries of the Narrow the Gap Community Fund are marginalized groups who lack equal access to opportunities. Marginalized groups include, but are not limited to: undocumented migrants, people with disabilities, the urban poor, ethnic minorities, women and children in especially difficult circumstances and groups that are prone to discrimination.

The Narrow the Gap Fund also benefits local, not-for-profit organizations and local philanthropists:

  • There are hundreds of not-for-profit organizations working to address the needs of marginalized groups in and around Ho Chi Minh City. Many of these organizations lack the opportunities and resources necessary to strengthen their programs and enhance their services to beneficiaries. Organizations participating in the Narrow the Gap receive funds, organizational capacity building and connections to people who care about their cause.
  • Philanthropists in Vietnam typically lack sufficient information and/or experience to engage in effective giving. Individuals and companies that participate in the Narrow the Gap Fund benefit from multiple levels and options for engaging in giving that is strategic, transparent and empowering.

IMG 5146Representatives of three finalists receive their prizes at the Narrow The Gap Community Event 2015 on September 26. Photo by Giang Pham