Narrow The Gap – Testimonials

I am highly impressed with the Narrow the Gap campaign for the Environment 2015 because it created a great impact on the local community.

Mr. Pham Phu Ngoc Trai, Chairman and CEO, Global Integration Business Consultants (GIBC) and Donor to Narrow the Gap since 2013 (2015)


EXO Foundation agreed to support CHANGE’s Power Up event, which we learned about during [the] Narrow the Gap Community Event. We really like their dynamism and motivation! Thank you for connecting us!

Ms. Alexandra Michat, Sustainability Coordinator, EXO Travel Vietnam and Donor to Narrow the Gap in 2015 (2015)


My volunteer work allows me to utilize and sharpen my event organizing and communication skills. Through my volunteer work, I was able to broaden my social circle, and have since gained many close friends and new professional contacts.

Ms. Dang Thi Thanh Van, member of the Narrow the Gap Leadership Team in 2013 and 2015 (2015)


To me, participating in Narrow the Gap 2015 is both a joy to make new friends and an opportunity to deepen old connections. In work, I’ve gained more experience using digital programs, to learn to better utilize social media tools and to take more initiatives in finding and utilize data efficiently. Through the chain of working experiences, one certain thing that I’ve come to believe is that, by working together, everything is possible

Mr. Nguyen Vu An, member of the Narrow the Gap Leadership Team since 2013 (2015)


I really admire the methodology of Narrow the Gap and am proud to be a part of an event created by community members to help improve their own community. I had been volunteering in Vietnam for more than five years now and what I love about working with the Narrow the Gap team is everyone’s energy. The volunteers are usually younger than me and it is great to see them getting involved, although I have had to learn how to balance their interests and the interests that I represent when organizing the event

Ms. Jessica Schmit, member of the Narrow the Gap Leadership Team since 2013 (2015)


The concept of community philanthropy has always been with us. Every country and culture has its traditions of giving and mutual support between family, friends and neighbours… the LIN Center, in Vietnam, works to foster giving for small grants to social causes among young middle- class professionals as a strategy for strengthening social cohesion in HCMC.

Civicus Report (2013)


In 2012, the Deaf Community Organization of HCMC (DCOH) applied for LIN’s Community Grant for Women. In its proposal, DCOH utilized the information it had documented about its female members and their situation with regard to domestic violence, overall presenting a persuasive rationale for their project. After passing the first round and receiving the greatest number of votes at a public event attended by nearly 200 community members, DCOH won the first prize, worth VND 150m, the largest one off financial aid in DCOH’s history.

Deaf Community Organization of HCMC (2012 Grantee)


Our organization has ‘grown up’ and is becoming more independent every day. This professionalism is an aggregate result of LIN grants that helped us implement our ideas and “learn-by-doing”, along with the many complementary services, including training, networking and skilled volunteer matching, which LIN has provided to Gio Sang. When we are transparent, committed to a cause and organize quality activities, people will be happy to make a financial contribution. That’s the really big thing we learned from LIN.

Gio Sang (2010 and 2012 Grantee)


 LIN made the process of grant making very simple. We had one point of contact who could help us ensure that the outcome of our grant was what we expected.

Sarah Jubb Charity Cabaret Committee Member (2010-2013 Donor)


I’m very happy to have had a chance to work with DRD’s staff members, who are friendly, enthusiastic and devoted. This project is not only an opportunity for me to do some meaningful work in the community but also a way to improve my awareness about social problems which I’ve neglected under daily pressures of life. I’m really thankful to LIN Center for this opportunity to help others and myself.

Vu Nhat Tan (2012 Volunteer)


During 6 months volunteering at LIN, I gained a better understanding of non-profits, expanded my network and improved my communication skills. And above all, I knew that I was able to use my expertise to contribute to community development.

Huynh Hong Nhung (Volunteer) 

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