New Agents of CPI 2015

In the morning of July 25, LIN Center for Community Development (LIN) organized the Meet & Greet event at Hoa Sen University (8 Nguyen Van Trang, District 1). This is the first activity of LIN’s Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) program.

With the subject “Building capacity on human resource management for a non-profit organization (NPO)”, CPI 2015 matched 33 volunteers who participated to support 11 NPOs facing human resource management problems. These volunteers came from different companies, which are: Orient Software, GreyFinder, Decathlon, Puratos, Proself…. More than 50 new agents of CPI 2015 one after the other took part in practices which are built with the objective to create friendly emotional links between participants.

“After communicating with many people, I realize that I can feel how someone’s feeling is. People who firstly acquaint themselves with these experience activities will always have cold hands, while those people who are familiar with these activities, their body will be warmer than others”, shared Mr Phu (Thien Tam Huong Organization)

A company representative said: “With me, throughout exercises, I feel that sometime language cannot express what we want to say. By exchanging eyes contact, or touching hands, a hug is the thing can totally do. Sometime, that we just give someone a tight hug can express our words.”

Ms. Le Thanh Phuc – Coordinator of CPI 2015 Project shared that all experiences in 4 hours were built to remove thinking barriers between participants who came from companies and those who were representatives of NPOs. People participating in CPI would understand each other as a specific human being with various emotions and thinking. This event was the base for teams to listen, exchange and find a solution for common problems in 12 following weeks together.

CPI program was launched in 2011 and became LIN’s yearly program. The program is the appeal of LIN to companies and skilled experts in Hochiminh City. They will use their skills and experiences to get benefits for the community. By matching with a non-profit organization (NPO), volunteer groups will train and coach workers in NPOs as well as compete with each other to achieve the best result.

CPI 2015 Program is organized by LIN and donated by Irish Aid.

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