2020 Connecting & Mobilizing Resources

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The spirit of giving is specially highlighted when central regions of Vietnam were badly hit by continuous typhoons during the later months of 2020. As a connector LIN has supported our nonprofits working in climate and environment theme to access resources to implement their initiatives on the ground.

As a disastrous typhoon happened in the central region in September this year which destroyed many houses and incomes of local people, LIN realized the needs of companies and individuals seeking where best to support the affected communities. Among various approaches to address the immediate humanitarian needs of vulnerable communities in the most affected areas by tropical storms in the central Vietnam, LIN believes and supports the choice to direct community funding support to those local grass-root nonprofit groups and organizations which is currently operating in the affected areas and already had well- established experience in disaster relief activities. It will guarantee that the support can go directly to those who are in need and promise a more sustainable impact on local communities.

  1. HỘI TÌNH NGUYỆN CHUNG TAY VÌ CỘNG ĐỒNG: to provide post disaster recovery supports such as construction materials, supplies in agriculture and education related activities, etc.
  2. HỘI TÌNH NGUYỆN TRÁI TIM YÊU THƯƠNG: to provide post disaster supply packages to local people in central Vietnam
  3. CODES Vietnam: to provide disaster food packages to local people in Hue province
  4. FLOOD PROOF HOUSE program by Song Foundation: to build Flood Proof Floating houses and develop sustainable living models for those living in flood affected areas.


Through our information sharing, we are glad that we were able to connect three companies to sponsor two nonprofit organization partners provide support to affected communities: 

  1. The International Schools of Ho Chi Minh City donated 90 millions VND to Nhà Chống Lũ to build two floating houses for the people in the central. 
  2. The Nam Saigon School donated 180 millions VND to CODES Vietnam to provide school supplies for the student and no-interest loan for affected households in Quang Dien, Thua Thien Hue. 
  3.  As well as other donations from individuals to nonprofit organizations listed by LIN. 

Covid-19 Community Fund – A stitch in time

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Innovative. Resilient. Such words describe how LIN’s new Emergency Support program tackles 2020 in the face of a global health crisis. Financial support was delivered in the knick of time to help our local NPO community bounce back the negative impacts of Covid-19 pandemic. 

In the face of a global pandemic, LIN saw a life-threatening risk to our local nonprofit community and late responses would carry manifold effects. Swiftly we conducted a survey on NPO coping capacity from which it was revealed to us that up to 85% of the NPOs reported they required immediate support within 6 months in order to continue their causes. As a result, LIN set up the Covid-19 Response Community Fund scheme and was able to fundraise an enough amount to support a total of 10 organizations, roughly VND 50 million per organization. The fund fundamentally supported the organizations to maintain the delivery of their core programs, services and overhead costs to get through one of the most crucial crises. In June 2020, 10 organizations were assessed and approved of fund disbursement.

Apart from financial support, on 28th May, 2020 LIN facilitated an online session to help NPOs in need to share experience of responding to a pandemic. Through the website philoinhuan.org, NPOs were also connected to non-financial resources focusing on knowledge sharing and advisory on fundraising, and donor connections, or skilled volunteering in program coordination, information technology and financing. These efforts put in by LIN have been a great help to our nonprofit community. The organization has once again showcased the ability to adapt and innovate when the time calls for it, and continues to present itself as one of the most successful local nonprofit organizations with a high capability for resilience and social impacts. 

Fundraising efforts continue to support another batch of 20 of our NPOs to keep them on track to their missions for vulnerable communities in Vietnam.