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LIN provides a variety of services to our NPO partners, from consultation and training to grantmaking and volunteer matching.


LIN Community Center

Use LIN’s space to help you develop your organization. With Home for non-profit workspaces, LIN office, meeting, training, and one-on-one consultation rooms, we aim to become a second home for NPO staff, volunteers and donors.

NPO Capacity Building

Receive quality training on how to improve your organization. LIN helps to build NPOs’ capacity for better program design, best practice evaluation and research, improved fundraising outcomes, new communication strategies, and training programs. For details on our upcoming workshops Link to LIN Event Calendar

Narrow the Gap

Raise money for your organization’s operations and programs. Expand ongoing programs or pilot new programs and services.

Request a Skilled Volunteer

Pair up with professionals providing their skills pro bono. LIN maintains a database of skilled professionals who want to volunteer their services.

Network Building

Expand your network and increase collaboration. There are always benefits for NPOs that take the time to network and share their experiences.

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Peer Advisory

Home For Nonprofit

NPO Forum

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LIN enhances capacity of local NPOs, volunteer and donor

For NPOs

LIN enhances skills & knowledge about nonprofit management, nurtures a community leadership mindset, and supports community leaders to establish core values to guide them in decision making.

For Volunteers

LIN helps to match volunteers with a range of professional skills who want to help build the capacity of local nonprofit organizations.

For Donors

LIN helps donor that want to engage in strategic philanthropy.