NPO Morning Coffee April 2014

On the morning of the 23rd of April 2014, LIN Center invited 15 representatives of organizations that have participated with LIN in the Irish Aid projects to a non-profit morning coffee session with the theme “Governance”, a fairly new topic in the development nonprofit organization. The coffee ceremony is held at a café in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Ms. Elizabeth Pham, director of consulting at LIN Center, started the event by introducing the concept of organizational management in which contains the elements involved in the governance of nonprofit organizations to help develop and achieve our strategic goals.

After that, each member shared the ways they are used in organizational management to bring real efficiencies in their organization. However, work that involves a Board/Council or Central Council of advisors in the Organization remains a real challenge. Various organizations have yet to see the importance of encouraging the personal prestige or experience involved in assisting their organization as a Board of Directors/Advisory Board to direct the mission and strategy of the organization.
The workshops discuss an issue and then, further divide into two groups to talk about topics related to managing the organization.

After this meeting, I understood more about the practical experience as well as current operating ways that non-profit organizations are implementing. The formation of an administrative mechanism for organizations is already at work, although many organizations have yet to do it, it also shows that many organizations are interested in administrative work. I impatiently wait for LIN’s next workshop to introduce Toolkits related to non-profit organization governance because it helps many organizations recognize the importance of administrators for their organization,” Mr. Son Pham, from LIN Center for Community Development, shared.

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