LIN relies on individual and corporate donations, as well as grants to support our activities, which are provided free of charge to NPOs and volunteers. If you would like to partner with LIN, please visit the "Get Involved" page of our website, click here or contact us.

LIN is pleased to support and work with the following NGOs in HCMC and its environs.

List of NPO Partners

In 2013, due to a growing membership base, LIN created two levels of partnership in order to enhance services to nonprofits that are actively engaged in LIN programs. The first level, Tier 1, will offer members priority access to all LIN programs and services, including grants, skilled volunteers and one-on-one consultations. Tier 2 partners will benefit from information sharing and exchange. Tier 2 partners can become Tier 1 partners by completing the LIN Annual NPO Partner Survey.

Note: Names are organized alphabetically.

Tier 1

Click here to see full list of 110 NPOs in Tier 1.
(Last updated: 2nd June 2017)

Tier 2

Click here to see full list of 138 NPOs in Tier 2.

(Last updated: 2nd June 2017)


(Last updated: 1st March 2016)