Partnerships for a Vibrant Vietnam – KPMG Management Conference

On 6 – 7 October, LIN Center had a sharing session about “Partnerships for a Vibrant Vietnam” at KPMG Management Conference  with 250+ leaders of KPMG Vietnam and Cambodia. At the conference, Ms. Tran Vu Ngan Giang, LIN Center’s Executive Director talked about the recent case study of corporate social responsibility (CSR), creating shared value (CSV), and other consultation services that LIN provides in order to connect corporations with nonprofits more efficiency, and impactful.

Partnerships for a Vibrant Vietnam

The managers of KPMG also contributed their ideas to improve the quality of LIN’s services in terms of making better connection between business and nonprofits.

LIN Center hopes that by understanding the work in common of business and nonprofits, and all result aims toward the community, more business will keep partnership for creating shared values as an essential part of their strategy to the future.

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