Nguyen Duc Thuy Anh

Chair of the Board


Thuy Anh graduated with a Master Degree in Economics of Banking & Finance, EUSCP Europe (CFVG VN). She has 16 years of experience in corporate finance and been working in various companies: P&G, KPMG, Tong Yang Investment Fund, Coca-Cola and Lazada.

She is also one of four co-founders of Viet Seeds Foundation. Besides, Thuy Anh is a founder of Connecting Circle which connects people with small individual contributions to form a fund to support the cases that are being rarely known to be helped. Calling out for fundraising from community, she got support from hundreds of people in the past 10 years. Connecting Circle has helped build and renovate around 40 houses for poor people, victims of flooding in Central,… provided dozens of scholarships to high school students to help them maintain the education, provided financial supports to single anchor persons, ill people – Additionally, she is a co-founder of H.A.T project (Help A Teacher) to raise fund of $110,000 and help 300 kindergarten teachers who got jobless due to Covid-19; Active supporter for fundraising events of other NGOs, community projects.