Philanthropy Advisory

To connect, facilitate and match the partnerships between NPOs with companies and with individuals for social impacts


Vietnam Causes

Vietnam Causes aim to present current social problems, causes that exist in Vietnam; raises awareness about local nonprofit organizations addressing these causes; share information about volunteer opportunities and projects seeking funding, serves as a platform for a two-way exchange of information between people who can help and people who need help.

Giving Well University Tour

Giving Well University Tour is one of LIN’s efforts to inspire and nurture the spark of philanthropy among young people by providing students with opportunities to access beneficial knowledge about philanthropy and the local non-profit community as well as insights and in-depth skills to continue the journey of giving in the most effective and sustainable way.

LIN Ơi, Where Are We Going

An experiential half-day (or full-day) group orientation to local causes, local nonprofits and strategic giving; it is designed for teams from philanthropic companies or groups of individuals.

Tailored Philanthropy Advisory

We provide one-on-one, tailored consultations to companies and individual philanthropists who want to engage in strategic philanthropy and find nonprofit partners for their social impact programs.

Giving Circle

We can set up and facilitate a Giving Circle consisting of individuals who want to come together, pool donations and resources from all their members, and make collective decisions about where to grant their money to suitable nonprofit, grassroots organizations.