Reflection on the Young Leaders Circle Retreat in Buon Me Thuot

This article was written by Lê Thị Xuân Mai, from Action for Wildlife Organization, a member of LIN’s Young Leaders Circle, after attending a three-day retreat in Buon Me Thuot.

“I still remember the sense of excitement that I felt when I read Ms. Quynh Anh’s email about the ‘Refresh Yourself’ program for members of the Young Leaders Circle, which would take place in Buon Me Thuot. Reflecting on the time we spent together, I was not only refreshed but I also absorbed many wonderful insights.

Since I was unable to participate in the May training sessions, I was afraid that the other members of the circle would have forgotten about me. But when I met them, and we spent time together, it made me really happy. The members of the Leadership Circle 2016 (LC 2016) have become my family after just two days of exercises and new experiences.

Lessons you cannot get anywhere else!

I am interested in literature and I am often outspoken, but in a session with a nice teacher and many friends, I would rather listen to my classmates’ stories and cherish every moment.

LC 2016 fills the “gap” in my life and work and restores my inspiration. When we can reflect on what we have done and anticipate what is coming, we can better overcome our difficulties and challenges. We can appreciate more what we are doing, and retain a lasting enthusiasm to keep “the flame alive,”
One of most impressive discussions was about, “Understanding Your Demands (or Motivations)” by Mr. Nhon, Founder of 5giosang. The discussion helped me consider my own needs as well as those of my project partners and how we might work more effectively together.

A trip of love and sincerity!

This is not the first time I listened to people talk about their jobs and their personal stories. But, this time, I felt trust in their eyes and in their gestures. In quiet moments, sad eyes and empathetic hugs followed unhappy stories, but also laughter and happiness when someone else exclaimed, “Hey, my life is very nice in every way!” These sweet experiences make me love this “small family”.

After two days together we all had to go back to HCMC and to our work. I just hope that we continue to cherish the lessons, stories, and happiness we shared which can continue to serve as a source of ongoing motivation. I hope all of us can treasure our “real heritage” and always keep the enthusiasm and love alive. Thank you all so much for your sharing and caring and I look forward to seeing you in the next training session!”

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