Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

As  LIN’s strategic plan for the period  2017-2020  phased out, the  LIN team and its Board members with various stakeholders once again had an opportunity to reflect on what was, and build  a  roadmap for the future. The process of reviewing, discussing and collecting opinions for previous periods of strategic plan implementation allowed us to take stock of past failures and successes that were taken into account to determine the directions for our  Strategic  Plan of  2021 to  2025. In this very crucial document, you will find a renewal of our vision and mission. Additionally,  for the first time ever, a  Theory of  Change has been developed to support the delivery of our programs and services as well as to communicate clearly to our stakeholders about the cause  LIN  is seeking after. Also, you will be interested to learn the 4 Key Outcome Areas which represent the strategic goals for  LIN for the next 5 years.

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