The impact stories from Narrow the Gap

Narrow The Gap program strives to bring the community and all change-making factors, including beneficiaries, businesses, and non-profit organizations close together to create a sustainable, collaborative community ecosystem to solve social problems effectively.  Over the past 10 years, Narrow The Gap has always paid attention to vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, women and children in difficult circumstances and groups that are prone to discrimination, environmental, education, and health issues.

Read the stories from 3 of our grantee organizations of Narrow the Gap Community Program over the last 10 years:

A story from Cerebral Palsy Family Association Vietnam

For most kids, at 3 months they can roll over, at 7 months they can crawl, and at 9 months they can walk, but for a child with cerebral palsy, days, months, years or sometimes a full lifetime can be spent bound to the floor. They are limited in every movement and vision, they have difficulty integrating into the community and do not enjoy the opportunities and benefits that we take for granted. Cerebral Palsy Family Association Vietnam has begun implementing the project “Rise from the Floor” to improve the quality of life for children with Cerebral Palsy.

In order to solve the problem that the children and their families are facing, the project will carry out the following activities: sharing sessions to spread awareness and information to the parents, health-checks and workshops designed by experts on exercises for children to improve their health and be more active, and provide 150 specialized kits to practice movement. The project aims to support parents to keep their faith and be with their children to support them to ‘Rise from the Floor’.

An amazing story from Niem Tin

Nghia was born with a language disorder. He can not hear or speak. He also has many difficulties with language and communication. Nghia had a challenging childhood as his peers shunned and teased him. The school refused to teach him, giving the reason “lack of special professionals to teach Nghia”.

Nghia was at risk of becoming an illiterate child. Niem Tin ‘Belief’ organization creates an environment for children with disabilities to learn using innovative methods, building a space for them to make friends and learn from each other. Thanks to the special education provided by Niem Tin, Nghia now can talk and enjoy life.

Bridges that connect to Destiny

Everyday in rural area of Ca Mau, students have to travel by a “ferry” made of fragile materials to cross the river. Some days, they are accompanied by adults but some days, they have to manage everything on their own. Children deserve a safer and easier way to get to school. Understanding that, the project Chuoi Cau Gieo Duyen, ‘Bridges that connect to Destiny’, built concrete bridges to help these children. The new bridges have made safer for students to go to school and improved the quality of life for people in Ca Mau province.

LIN and Narrow The Gap support communities to solve local problems by engaging the wider community to contribute resources. Whether you donate $5 or $500, your contribution enables Narrow The Gap to support local grassroots organizations to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities in Vietnam.

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Together, Narrow the Gap – Expand the Love

About Narrow The Gap Community Program:

NARROW THE GAP pools resources of finance, time, and skills from companies and individuals, to award to local, grassroots nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to address their communities’ needs. 

Since 2009, 121 grants have been provided to humanitarian and community development projects (addressing various issues in education, environment, inequality, disabilities, health care, and more). 

Over 95,000 people have been positively impacted by Narrow The Gap in Southern Vietnam.

Watch this video for an introduction to Narrow The Gap.

Why support Narrow The Gap?

  • Trust: Enables small grass-root organizations to receive funding from established donors (corporate and institutional) as well as individual philanthropists through Narrow the Gap.
  • Invest in local solutions: Leverage local community expertise, resources, and ideas to solve local issues.
  • Expertise: Mobilizes diverse expertise from local professionals to support nonprofit organizations towards sustainable and long-lasting impactful projects.
  • CSR Fulfillment: An effective way to assist your companies’ CSR program through team building, and leadership development opportunities, enhancing your brand and reputation, understanding local social and environmental challenges facing our communities and opportunities, and for meaningful ongoing partnerships with LIN Center and our nonprofit partners.

Click here for more details about Narrow The Gap Program. If you are interested to have a conversation with LIN Center for Community Development, please contact Ms Kelly Vo, at Head of Corporate Partnerships & Fundraising.

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