The LIN Center for Community Development Sellects Ms. Lam Ngoc Thao as New Executive Director

LIN’s Board of Directors  would like to announce it set to appoint Ms. Lam Ngoc Thao, LIN’s Finance Director, as its new Executive Director. Ms. Lam Ngoc Thao will be onboard from the 1st August 2019.


Lam Ngoc Thao has joined LIN from September 2017 as Finance Director. In this role, she oversees financial and operational functions, including: budgeting, forecasting, internal control system, working with donors on grants’ proposal budget and financial report, communication with Governmental Departments to ensure compliance with government regulations and advice to the management team and Board of Directors on financial and government-relations decisions. Prior to LIN, Thao had seven years of financial management experience within the nonprofit sector in leadership positions. She also lectured on finance subjects in universities and has mentored nonprofits’ emerging leaders on organizational internal controls. In early 2018, Thao was chosen as a fellow from the Southeast Asian countries by “Young Southeast Asean Leaders Initiative”  professional program.

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We also would like to announce the resignation of Ms. Betsye Moon Park – LIN’s Interim Executive Director. After nearly ten years of living and working in Vietnam, Betsye Moon Park is moving back to her home country of the United States with her family and will return to her role on LIN’s Board of Advisors. LIN would like to express our sincere appreciation for, on achieving her commitment this past year in her role to bring about organizational change and a strong corporate culture, all the while ensuring financial responsibility, continued partnerships with donors, and excellence in LIN’s programming. Betsye has established internal policies and systems in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in LIN’s programming and fundraising activities, and developed a strong management team to lead the organization’s strategic plan.

We wish her all the best in her future endeavors and appreciate her contribution to Vietnam.

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