Your time and talent
can make a
real impact
on someone’s life

LIN connects volunteers with NPOs in need to leverage the resource.


Volunteer Your Skills

NPO staff often lack sufficient skills and experience to effectively carry out the roles and responsibilities of the job. Skilled professional volunteers can make a difference by sharing their skills and talents with local NPO staff and can offer benefits that funding alone cannot provide.

The Joy Of Giving

Be a part of LIN impact works to join our exclusive training and chances to work with more than 400 NPOs in Vietnam.

Network Building

Expand your network and increase collaboration while demonstrating your commitment to a specific cause.

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Listen. Inspire. Nurture.

LIN enhances capacity of local NPOs, volunteer and donor

For NPOs

LIN enhances skills & knowledge about nonprofit management, nurtures a community leadership mindset, and supports community leaders to establish core values to guide them in decision making.

For Volunteers

LIN helps to match volunteers with a range of professional skills who want to help build the capacity of local nonprofit organizations.

For Donnors

LIN helps donor that want to engage in strategic philanthropy.